Beyond Europe-1213-wk6 T ed

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Transcript Beyond Europe-1213-wk6 T ed

History of the Ancient and
Medieval World
Beyond Europe
Walsingham Academy
Ms. Hockaday
Starter- Read “Witness History”
on page 472
• Respond to the following question:
– How did a small number of Spanish
conquistadors conquer huge Native American
The Reformation
The Voyages
Of Discovery
The Renaissance
The Scientific Revolution
Whose viewpoint?
Conquest in the Americas
• Columbus meets the Taínos
– Relationship went from good to bad…why?
• Taínos didn’t pay homage to Christian symbols
• Columbus claimed land for Spain & took prisoners
• Conquistadors defeat Native Americans
despite being outnumbered
– How?
Guns & cannons
Diseases (no immunity)
Cortés Conquers Mexico
• From Cuba; traveled to Tenochtitlan (Aztec)
• Through alliances w/others, Cortés was able
to fight and conquer the Aztecs
• The emperor, Moctezuma, was willing to
work with Cortés
• Cortés tricked him into signing over his land
& treasures
Pizzaro Takes Peru
• Pizzaro was interested in the Incas in Peru
• After a civil war in Peru, Pizzaro captured
the ruler & killed him
• Using their advantages (which were…?)
they overran the Incans and added to the
Spanish empire (Ecuador and Chile)
Effects of Spanish
• Spain becomes a superpower
• NA lost faith in their gods and converted to
• Most of the world is now connected by sea
– Cultural diffusion
History Mind-Mapping: 5 W’s and
an H (use handouts & pp. 472-476)
• For each of the First Conquests in the
Americas, answer the following questions:
– WHO:
– WHAT: (ex—things were going well until
Taínos mistakenly did not recognize Christian
– WHY:
– HOW: (ex—disease)
Tonight’s Homework
• A CHANGE–READ Pages 477-481 and
complete the Venn diagram on
page 480
Starter: Read “Traveler’s Tales”
on pp. 474-475
• Reply to the Thinking Critically Questions
• Be prepared to share your responses
Spain and Portugal
Treaty of Tordesillas, 1494
In-Class Activity
1. View The Last Conquistador Video Clip and answer questions
2. What were motivating factors of Portuguese and Spanish ventures
beyond Europe?
3. Compare and contrast the patterns of Portuguese and Spanish
ventures beyond Europe?
4. Identify technological advances which made possible the voyages
of exploration during this period.
5. Name the cultural traditions that came together to shape life in the
New World. How did the colonial social order reflect the
interactions of these traditions?
Trade & The Struggle for North
• Starter—Read the Biography on Jacques
Cartier (page 483) answer the following
– Why were Cartier’s discoveries undervalued
at the time?
Building New France
• Jacques Cartier claimed much of Canada
or New France for the French
• Jesuits followed…why?
• First settlement: 1608 with Champlain’s
colony in Quebec
• Farming was not pleasurable due to
Canada’s climate; turned to fishing (cod),
fur trapping & trading
The 13 English Colonies
• John Cabot: 1497; from Venetian
discovered fishing grounds off the coast of
Newfoundland & claimed the area for
• 1st successful permanent colony was in
1607: Jamestown
– Meant to bring wealth & prosperity; many died
– Few survived with help from Native
– Growth of tobacco
The 13 English Colonies
• Plymouth, Massachusetts- Pilgrims in
1620 (Protestants who rejected the
Anglican Church)
• Signed the Mayflower Compact
• Survived with help from Native Americans
The 13 English Colonies
New England
• Fishing
• Timber
• Shipbuilding
• Massachusetts set up
for those who were
• Connecticut & Rhode
Island were started
from dissenters of the
Massachusetts colony
• NH was a proprietary
Middle Colonies
(Mid Atlantic)
• Grain
• Some small farm
• Shipbuilding & lumber
• Pennsylvania began
for those who were
• NY. NJ & Delawarecommercial ventures
• Plantations
• Cash crops—tobacco
and rice
• Virginia was a
commercial venture
• Maryland was started
by a Lord (Baltimore)
who wanted freedom
from Catholic Church
• Carolinas-commercial
• Georgia was a prison
colony for debtors
Struggling For Power
Canada &
Central US
English &
Dutch- East
Americans also
want in on the
English colonies
experienced selfgovernment &
when that was
taken away,
issues began…
French and
Indian War (1763)
Treaty of
Paris gave
control of
Columbian Exchange
• Started with Columbus—hence the name
Disease Exchange
Changes In Europe
1. What was one change caused by
European exploration?
– Prices rose (inflation)
– Capitalism (investing money to make a profit)
– Mercantilism (export more than you import)
2. Imagine that you live in Europe in the
1600s. What is one way that the
Columbian exchange might affect you?
– Exposure to new goods
– Nobility less powerful; peasant: no change
Atlantic Slave Trade: Triangular Trade
Atlantic Slave Trade/ Middle
1. What were two effects of the slave trade?
– Many Africans died on trip to new world
– Some societies and small states
– New states that depended on slave trade
– Conflicts arose in Southern Africa
2. When did the slave trade officially end in
the British empire?
– 1833
A tulip, known as "the Viceroy",
displayed in a 1637 Dutch catalog.
Its bulb cost between 3000 and
4200 florins depending on size. A
skilled craftsman at the time
earned about 300 florins a year
was a period in the Dutch Golden Age
during which contract prices for bulbs of
the recently introduced tulip reached
extraordinarily high levels and then
suddenly collapsed. At the peak of tulip
mania in February 1637, some single
tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times
the annual income of a skilled
craftsman. It is generally considered the
first recorded speculative bubble (or
economic bubble), The term "tulip
mania" is now often used metaphorically
to refer to any large economic bubble
(when asset prices deviate from intrinsic
Assignment 1: In-Class Activity
Assignment 1: due Wed. 5/1
• Study slides 2-4 and
anticipate the questions.
• Read photocopies:
– The Search for Spices
– Conquest in the Americas
– Spanish and Portuguese Colonies
• Using complete sentences,
answer 6 Review Questions
• Follow link and read.
Astrolabe: Paris Observatory
(A School Project: Made by 16-year-old)
Assignment 2: due Wed., 5/1
1. Read text, pp. 477-481
2. Complete Graphic Organizers: Spanish
Colonies in America, Empires in the
A Missionary Protests
How does the painting of the mine (pp. 477) at
Potosí reinforce Las Casas’s view?
Assignment 3: due Thurs. 5/2
•Read photocopies:
Turbulent Centuries in Africa
Struggle for North America
Changes in Europe
•Using complete sentences,
answer 6 Review Questions
Native village (North Carolina) as
seen by artist John White of
Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition,
Assignment 4: due Fri. 5/3
1. Read text, pp. 491-497
2. Define mercantilism, capitalism.
3. Complete Graphic Organizers: Recognize
4. Explain how Tulipmania reflected the economic
changes of its time.
Uniting the World
How do the visuals reinforce the idea that Smith
Question 1
Why were Portugal and Spain the leaders in
European exploration?
Question 2
How did the Portuguese and the Spanish
differ in their approaches to exploiting new
Question 3