Timeline of Events Leading to World War II

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Transcript Timeline of Events Leading to World War II

Timeline of Events
Leading to
World War II
The Treaty of Versailles
Germany was punished for WWI
Germany wasn’t allowed to have war materials – tanks, heavy guns,
military airplanes, or warships
Germany was forced to give up colonies in Africa, islands in the
pacific, and territory in Europe
Germany was ordered to pay $33 billion to the Allies for war
League of Nations
This organization was formed to prevent future wars.
Member nations decided that a unanimous vote was needed to
settle important problems.
Washington Conference
Players: United States, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, France
Agreed to scrap all battleships currently under construction
Promised not to build any more battleships for 10 years
Benito Mussolini Comes to Power
Mussolini and his followers (Fascists) gained
control of the Italian government
Large sums of money were spent to build an
army, navy and air force
Opponents were jailed, killed, or exiled
Kellogg-Briand Act
62 Countries agreed to always settle disputes peacefully
London Naval Conference
Continues the ban that was implemented at the Washington
Conference and added limits on the building of submarines,
cruisers, and destroyers.
Japan Invades Manchuria
Japan wanted to increase it’s land and
Japan invaded and captured Manchuria
This violated the principals of the
League of Nations and the
Kellogg-Briand Act
The League of Nations could take no real action to stop the
Adolf Hitler Comes to Power
Hitler and his followers (Nazis) seized power in Germany
Hitler promised to win back lands that were lost in the Treaty of
In violation of the Treaty, he ordered factories to begin making
war materials
He strengthened the army, navy, and air force, also a violation of
the Treaty
He claimed that the Germans were
a “master race” and meant to rule
over others
People who disagreed with his
actions were put into prison,
tortured, killed, or exiled
Italy Attacks Ethiopia
Mussolini sent troops to Africa as a first step in developing an Italian empire
Again, the League of Nations was unable to take action
Japan Begins Ship Building Program
Japan withdrew from the League of Nations
Japan announces that it will no longer abide by the
Washington and Naval agreements
Japan began building a larger navy
This prompted other countries to expand their navies too
Japan Invades China
For the second time in six years,
Japan attacked China
This time, most of China and it’s
resources fell into Japanese hands.
1938 – 1939
Germany Occupies Austria and Czechoslovakia
Germany was trying to increase it’s territory.
It took control of Austria and Czechoslovakia, two neighboring and
weaker countries.
Italy Annexes Albania
Italy invaded and
occupied Albania after
Germany promised it’s
Germany Attacks Poland
World War II Begins
Hitler’s armies invaded
Poland. Germany’s
“blitzkrieg” or lightening
warfare” combined air
power, artillery, and tank
Great Britain and France
came to Poland’s aid and
declared war on Germany.
Up to now, the two had
followed a policy of
“appeasement,” letting
Germany and Italy seize
territory in order to avoid
an armed conflict.
Germany Conquers Norway, Denmark,
Belgium, Holland, and France
Germany quickly overran several countries in Western
British and French soldiers, who were trying to defend
France, barely escaped across the English Channel to
safety in Great Britain. The “Luftwaffe,” German air
force, then began massive airstrikes against London and
other British cities.
More Gains for Germany and Italy
Romania, Greece, and
Yugoslavia fell into the hands
of Hitler and Mussolini.
Japan Invades Indochina
To strengthen it’s position in
Southeast Asia, Japan moved it’s
forces into Indochina. The area was
made up of Vietnam, Laos, and
Cambodia. (French Indochina)
Lend-Lease Act
Congress passed a law
giving the president
the right to sell or lend war
materials to countries fighting
against the Axis Powers.
Germany Attacks Russia
Hitler ordered German forces to attack Russia. Hitler was hoping for a
quick victory. By September, German forces were several miles inside
Russian territory.