The Road to War with the Help of Dr. Seuss

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Transcript The Road to War with the Help of Dr. Seuss

 Put your stamp sheet and all late work for the Interwar
years in the bin.
 Hold onto your Autobiography book covers—I will be
picking those up personally and stamping your stamp
 BJOTD: Why did the librarian slip and fall?
 Japan invaded Manchuria, Korea, and
China in the early 1930s
 Received no punishment from the League of Nations, so…
 Mussolini Attacked Ethiopia in 1935
 One of the only free countries left in Africa
 The Ethiopians had resisted Italy in the
 Italy wanted revenge
 Ethiopia appealed for help from the
League, but the League did nothing
 Hitler defied Treaty of Versailles
 Hitler decided Germany would no
longer have a restricted military
 The league condemned this
 Hitler entered
the Rhineland, a
buffer space inbetween France
and Germany
and an
industrial center
on March 7, 1936
 The French and British urged
Germany to stop, giving them an
 Definition: giving in to an
aggressor to keep peace
 Hitler is not stopped and plans to
take more land
 Hitler and
Mussolini join an
alliance- RomeBerlin Axis
 A month later
Japan, Germany
and Italy together
become the Axis
 The USA is overwhelmed with
the Depression and fears war
 So, the US adopts a policy of
 1935, Congress passed 3
Neutrality Acts, saying loans
and arms cannot be given to
nations at war
 Germany meets no resistance, so
 The Third Reich Expands
 On November 1937, Hitler announced
he was going to add Austria and
Czechoslovakia to the Third Reich or
German Empire
Austrians support this. The union
of Austria and Germany is called
the Anschluss
Czechoslovakians asked France
to help protect a region of their
land known as the Sudetenland
 To try to avoid war a conference is held. Germany, Italy,
France and Britain all attend
 They agreed to give into Hitler and give him
Sudetenland , but Hitler had to promise to honor the
new borders
 6 months later…
 Hitler takes over Czechoslovakia
 demanded the Poles give back the former
German port, Dazing.
 The Poles turn to Britain and France for help,
both say they will guarantee Poland’s
 Britain and France asked the Soviet
Union to join them in stopping Hitler
 Stalin also talked to Hitler
 On August 23, 1939, a nonaggression
pact was signed between Germany and
the USSR
 Nonagression pact: each side agrees not
to attack the other
 After the Soviet Union agrees not to attack Germany,
Hitler takes his army and marches into Poland on
September 3, 1939.
 World War II has begun.
Aggression by totalitarian powers
The Treaty of Versailles
Weakness of the League of Nations
Tendencies towards isolationism and
pacifism in Europe and the US
 Art
 On a piece of blank paper, create a political cartoon that
reflects the cause or causes that you feel were the most
influential to starting World War II.
 You must:
Address one or more causes of World War II
Use symbols, exaggeration, metaphors to explain your point.
More pictures than words!
On the back, give a 2-3 sentence description explaining WHY you
feel this cause was the most influential in starting World War II.
 Writing
 On a piece of paper, rank the causes of World War II in order
from most influential to least influential in terms of causing
the war. In an 8-10 sentence paragraph, using evidence from
the notes, explain WHY you put them in this order. Why do
you feel that one is more influential than another?
 If not done in class, must be finished for homework