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Consumer Health
Making Consumer Decisions
What is a Consumer?
• Consumer
– Someone who uses goods or
• Goods
– Things that are made for
– CD’s, Candy, Picture Frames
• Services
– Actions that are done for someone
– Restaurant Waiter, Doctor, Dentist
• Are you a Consumer?
How Are You a Consumer?
• Needs
– Goods or services you must
have to live your daily life
– Food, Shelter, Clothing
• Wants
– Goods or services you’d like to
have, but can live without
– Nintendo Wii, Cable TV
• What influences a consumer to
want to buy something?
• Ad’s
– A form of selling products and
– Commercials use Appeals
• Appeals
– A statement used to get
consumers to buy a product or
– 5 Advertising Techniques
• The Ad tries to convince you to
buy a product because
“Everyone is doing it”
• Bandwagon commercial
Emotional Appeal
• Advertisements appeal to your
• Usually trying to make you feel
• Commercial
• Celebrities are paid to say how
much they like a certain
product or idea
• Commercial
Facts and Figures
• Ads try to get you to buy
something by giving you all
sorts of information about it
• Commercial
• Someone in the Ad will tell a
personal story about how they
use and like the product
• Commercial
• Superbowl Sunday
• Pick three commercials that were
shown during the game
• Write down…
– What the commercial was
– Which advertising technique(s)
do you think they used.
• Bring them back for class next
week and we will talk about them
Check This Out!
• Go to this site
– Choose
• Advertising tricks or Buying
– Check out the different activities
– Read what they have to say