My future job is the best in the world:

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Transcript My future job is the best in the world:

My future job is the best in the
By Serebrennikova Olesya
Why my future job is the best?
Let’s talk about that!
• First of all, to become a great advertiser you
need to be creative and artistic.
• Visual style and creativity in advertising and
marketing are one of the most important
features, because it means you can come up
with an idea that has never been done before
• It’s never “another day at the office”. It’s a dynamic
business run by dynamic people.
• Anyone who has good ideas is welcome. So, if you
have good ideas and you get them in front of a right
person at the right time, it doesn’t matter if you
even go to college.
• Secondly, it’s not glamorous. The pay is not good until
you put in years of long hours. Everyone works on a
deadline all the time.
• Sounds not so fantastic? Well, in the beginning of your
career it might be underpaid, but then, when you
become a great advertiser, you would get big money
• Thirdly, great ads talk about a problem in your
life, whether psychological or real and provide
a product that helps you accomplish your goal.
• In fact advertising is informative. It tells the
public what goods are available, in what
varieties and at what prices.
How does it work?
• If you're trying to decide what clothes to buy
and an ad comes on showing you some
awesome styles you love and it entertains you,
that ad has actually made your life better.
• You need a portfolio, one that’s better than
everyone else’s.
• And you can use all of your imagination, all of
yours crazy ideas to make great advertising.
• Moreover, advertising is interesting. It attracts
not only adults but also children. For example,
in the advertisement of milk, there are both
imagines and music.
Thank you!