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Chap 16: Integrated Marketing
Overall objectives:
• Help generate _____________
• Communicate _________
Promotion Tools (p. 304; 309): Advertising,
Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Personal
Selling, Direct Marketing
Promotion Strategy
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) p. 311
Present a __________ message about the
product/company by ___________ all
elements of the promotion mix
Promotion Tools
• Advertising:
Reaches Many Buyers, Repeats Message Many
Times, _______________ ___________
• Personal Selling:
Personal Interaction, Relationship
Building, __________________
• Sales Promotion:
Wide Assortment of Tools, Rewards
Quick Response, _________________
• Public Relations:
Very Believable, Dramatize a Company
or Product, _______________
• Direct Marketing:
Nonpublic, Immediate, Customized,
Figure 16.2: Cost-Effectiveness of Different Promotional Tools
at Different Buyer Readiness Stages
Developing Strategies:
_______________: finding the most cost-effective
media to deliver the desired number of exposures
to the target audience
What is the most effective way of spending
advertising dollars?
Developing Strategies:
Expose a sufficient number of targeted
customers (_____) to the firm’s product and
Expose them enough times (_________) to
the product to produce the desired effect
______: which medium provides “most bang
for your buck?”
Developing Strategies:
Where should the business advertise? What is
the impact of the following media?
Newspaper, TV, radio, billboard,
yellow pages, internet, etc.?
Marketplace Grill (Conway)
Developing Strategies:
Sales Promotion
Creating an _________ to buy:
Attract new buyers; reward loyal customers;
increase repurchase rates of existing
Developing Strategies:
Public Relations (p. 322)
Assist in the launch of new products
Assist in the repositioning of a mature product
Build corporate image
Company does not pay for space or time obtained in
the media; it pays only for a staff to develop and
circulate stories and manage certain events
Developing Strategies:
Direct Marketing (p. 323)
Consumer direct channels to reach and deliver goods
and services to customers without intermediaries
Benefits: convenient and hassle free; saves time;
allows comparative shopping
Unable to physically examine product before
Challenge: Communication must “capture” customer