Marketing Research

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The crystal ball of successful
Marketing Research
The collection and analysis
of information that is
relevant to the marketing
strategy of a product or
Consumer Research
Discovers what type of product
consumers want and predicts
the overall sales potential of the
Consumer Research
A FOCUS GROUP is a companyarranged meeting of potential
consumers to gain feedback on a
The group provides their opinion
on various aspects of the product
and they are compensated for
their participation
Market Research
Identifies specific groups of
consumers who would use a
particular product or service
Profiles of the consumer are
Advertising and promotion are
created to ‘match’ the consumer
Motivation Research
Analyzes the psychology of consumer
The rational (thinking) and emotional
(feeling) motives behind why we buy
particular products
•Ford Windstar was the first
minivan in the industry to receive
the Quadruple 5-Star crash test
•All Ford Windstars include the
Personal Safety System, an
advance safety technology.
Pricing Research
What price can the company
sell the product for while still
making a profit
 How will price affect
 $2.99 vs. $3.00
Competitive Research
Studies similar products on the
Avoid repeating the same mistakes
Opportunities for new products
Product Research
Examines each detail of the
product or service and analyzes
what impact these details might
have on the market
Colour, packaging, flavour, size,
texture, scent
Advertising Research
What are the most effective
forms of advertising?
How should we design are ads
to target the consumer?