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Viking Independent Bank
Mrs. Sorrell
Chapter 11, Banking Systems
Public Image
 Defintion: the concept the public has of a business
 Should reflect its mission, values, and culture
 Six steps to creating an image
 Analyze the image the bank wants to present
 Determine the target audience
 Determine the current image
 Define the bank’s goals in creating its image
 Develop a plan to accomplish the goal
 Track the results of the public relations campaign to
create or revise the bank’s image
Public Relations (PR)
 “The planned and sustained effort to establish and
maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between
an organization and its public.” (Institute of Public
 Can use any media, including radio, television,
Internet, and print advertising, to gain a competitive
advantage as well as to establish and maintain
goodwill and mutual understanding between the
company and the public
 Brochures are PR tools that inform the reader about
some aspect of the bank
Customer Service
 Definition: the activities
and programs a seller
provides to make the
relationship with its
customers satisfying
 Banks have become
aware of the importance
this has on their image as
well as their bottom line
 Customers want:
 Responsive service
 Competent staff
 Courteous treatment
 Customer perspective
 Reliable service
 Product that meet
customer needs
 Easy access to staff and
 Professional appearance
Inappropriate Behavior
 Don’t be rude to the
Don’t argue with the
Don't ignore a customer
Don’t make excuses or
use negative phrases
Don’t criticize, condemn,
or complain
 Don’t be condescending
 Don’t leave customers on
the telephone
 When things go wrong
 Apologize
 Listen and ask questions
 Correct the problem
quickly and fairly
 Keep your promises
 Follow up on the
 Definition: the process
of planning and
executing the
conception, pricing,
promotion, and
distribution of goods,
services, and ideas to
create exchanges that
satisfy the customer and
the organization
 4Ps of marketing
 Producing
 Pricing
 Promoting
 Placing
 Marketing will be our
efforts to make the
public aware of our
services and entice the
public to use our services
 The paid description or presentation of a product,
service, idea, or organization to encourage individuals
to buy, support, or approve of it
 Organizations use a variety of media
 Print media: newspaper, magazine, brochure
 Broadcast media: TV and radio ads
 Outdoor media: billboards, signs, banners
Additional Advertising Modes
 Direct marketing: delivers the materials individually
to a target market via direct mail
 Cyber marketing: carefully planned and sustained
effort to advertise a company, its products, and/or
services through the Internet
 Advertising budget: money spent on advertising
 Global spending for advertising in 2010 was $497.3
 Target market: Preselected group of buyers who are
the focus of marketing efforts
 Market segmentation: dividing a market into
subgroups, each of which is identifiable
 Social responsibility: obligation to profitably serve
employees and customers in an ethical and lawabiding manner