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Practice Time: Cell Biology
1. Compared to a skin cell, a
muscle cell is likely to have
more —
F Golgi bodies
G mitochondria
H cell membranes
J chloroplasts
Think about
what a muscle
cell does…or
have to do!
2. A cell with numerous ribosomes is
probably specialized for —
F enzyme storage
G energy production
H cell division
J protein synthesis
3. Which of the following organelles is
present in both prokaryotes and
A Nucleus
B Ribosome
C Golgi body
D Endoplasmic reticulum
4. In the cell membrane model shown
below, the molecules which move large
molecules into and out of the cell are
known as —
A cholesterol
B proteins
C lipids
D carbohydrates
5. The eukaryotic organism described
above should be classified as —
A an animal
B a bacterium
C a fungus
D a plant
6. An important difference
between viruses and living
cells is that viruses —
A cannot reproduce outside
of cells
B contain more nuclei than
C cannot mutate but cells can
D need an energy source but
cells do not
7. Some organelles have their own DNA
that is distinct from the cell’s nuclear
DNA. This is true of which organelle?
A cell wall
B mitochondrion
C plasma membrane
D vacuole
8. Protein synthesis occurs at which of
the structures shown below?
9. Which cell process will move
substances against a concentration
A diffusion
B facilitated
C osmosis
D active
10. Which of the
following is a main
function of structure
A. to store carbohydrates for
later use
B. to give the cell a rigid
C. to package proteins for
D. to carry out photosynthesis