A cell is like the bank

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Transcript A cell is like the bank

A cell is like the bank
By Kathleen
A cell membrane
• Is like the outside of a bank
• Protects the cell, and keeps the money inside
• Is like the floor
• Fills the cell and gives you a place to walk
• It is like a restroom
• Breaks down molecuels and takes it down the
• Is like the tellers
• Supplys energy for the cell and do the work
• Is like the air that is in the bank
• Makes proteins for the cell and gives air to
Endoplasmic reticulum
• Is like the money
• Makes room for the cells reactions and they
send new money in .
Golgi Body
• Is like the vault
• Carries proteins and holds the money
Nuclear membrane
• Is like the president of the banks office
• Allows materials to pass in and out and lets
people in his office
• Is like the president of the bank
• Controls all cell activity and tells people when
they don’t have to work
• Is ;like the bank records
• A thread of DNA and tells you bank records