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Fungi Kingdom Ch. 16 p. 334-340
• Fungi rot timbers, spoil food,
and afflict humans with athletes
foot, skin disorders, & even
• Decompose dead organisms,
fallen leaves, feces, and other
organic materials. Recycling
vital chemical elements back to
the environment.
• Are eukaryotes, typically
multicellular, and probably
more closely related to animals
than plants.
Fungal Fairy Ring
More Fungi…
Are heterotrophs that require
their nutrients by absorption.
• Digest food outside the body
by secreting powerful
hydrolytic enzymes into the
food and absorb the
decomposed nutrients from the
surrounding medium.
• Parasitic fungi absorb nutrients
from the cells of living hosts.
• Some fungi, such as species
infecting human lungs are
Orange being Decomposed
By Fungi
Fungi: Structure and Function
Are structurally adapted for their
absorptive nutrition.
Bodies constructed of structures
called hyphae, minute threads
composed of tubular walls,
surrounding plasma membranes, and
Hyphae form an interwoven mat called
a mycelium, which is the feeding
network of a fungus.
Fungal mycelium can be huge, but
most escape our notice because they
are often subterranean.
The mycelium of one humongous
fungus in Oregon is 3.4 miles in
diameter and spreads through 2,200
acres of forest. The fungus is at least
2,400 years old and hundreds of tons
in weight, qualifying it among Earth’s
oldest and largest organisms!
Reproduction in Fungi:
Mushroom Gills
containing Basidia
Reproduce by releasing
spores that are produced
either sexually or asexually.
• Number of spores can be in
the trillions.
• Carried by wind or water,
spores germinate to produce
mycelia if they land in a
moist place where there is
• Airborne spores have been
found more than 160 km
(100 miles) above Earth.
What good is a fungus?
• Used by humans in various ways for
centuries: we eat some fungi
• Add them to dough to make bread
• Culture them in milk to produce a
variety of cheeses (blue cheese)
• Use them to ferment beer and wine
• Morals and truffles are a delicacy
• Used to produce antibiotics and other
drugs (penicillin, sulfa)
• Mycorrhizae – partners with plants.
• Fungi play a vital role on earth!
• What is a lichen? ___________
Q: What did the female mushroom say to the male mushroom?
A: You’re a fun guy!