Pacific Theatre

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Pacific Theatre
Hitler’s New Order
• Final Solution
– Holo (whole) caust (burned)
– The first official concentration camp opened at
Dachau 1933, Communists were first sent here
• Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (SS), and
later chief of the German police.
Hitler’s New Order
• Hitler created gov’ts in Western Europe run by
– Slavs of Eastern Europe were an inferior race, and
should be pushed aside for the Aryans
– Plundered and looted occupied nations
• Took their works of art, treasures and resources
• Shot hostages and tortured prisoners
Hitler’s New Order
• 1930s, Concentration Camps
– Detention centers for enemies of the state
• Jews, Polish, Soviet Slavs and others were used in
forced labor camps, poorly fed and worked to death
• “Racially inferior” Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals
and disabled
• Death Camps
– Sick, elderly and young were killed immediately
– Others were used for experiments
Hitler’s New Order
• Some did resist places like Treblinka and
– Warsaw ghetto sent around 5,000 Jews to
– 1943, Jews revolted. Nazis soon regained control
and killed all of the Jews
• Official reason for expansion: eliminate
colonial rule in Asia from the West
– Realistically, tortured and slaughtered conquered
– Seized food crops, destroyed towns and enslaved
the people
• Rape of Nanking and other atrocities
• Initially tried to remain isolationist
• President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
– Lend-Lease Act
• Allowed to lend or sell weapons to any country for
USA’s defense
• Atlantic Charter
– Churchill and FDR issued this to destroy Nazi
tyranny and support any gov’t the people want
• General Tojo Hideki
• Dec. 7, 1941, “a date which will live in infamy”
– Pearl Harbor
• 1942-43, turning point in the war
– Pacific Theatre Naval battles were fought in the air
• Aircraft carriers
– Midway, Coral Sea
Gov’t Power
• To support the war
– Factories made tanks/planes
– Rationed how much food/goods people could buy
– Sold war bonds
• People buy these (lend money) to the gov’t
• Internment Camps
– Japanese Americans and Canadians were put into
• “Rosie the Riveter”
Pacific Theatre
• May 1942, Bataan Death March
– Japanese conquered the Philippines and marched
US and Filipino soldiers 65 miles
• Island Hopping
– After Midway and Coral Sea, US “hopped” one
island to the next toward Japan
– Gen. MacArthur and Adm. Nimitz blockaded and
pushed towards Japan
Fire Bombings of Dresden and Tokyo
• Cultural Center
• Phosphorous bombs
– Ignited the city into flames
• Tried to end the fighting
before atomic weapons
The Bomb
• Brightest minds fled Europe
and came to work on the
Manhattan Project
• Save lives from the island
– Japanese would fight to the
death rather than surrender
• Finish the war before the
Soviets got to Japan
– Wouldn’t split Japan like
• Thousands of Japanese
killed instantly
• Thousands killed from
radiation after detonation
• Could have used other
– Fire bombings
• Soviets had declared war on
the Japanese
The Bomb
• FDR dies and Truman takes office in April 12,
• Orders atomic attack
August 6, 1945, first bomb on Hiroshima
August 8, 1945, Soviets declare war on Japan
August 9, 1945, second bomb dropped on Nagasaki
August 10, Emperor Hirohito ordered a surrender
September 2, peace treaty signed in Tokyo Bay on USS
After WWII
• People recognize the horrors of the Holocaust
and Japanese violence
– Why didn’t ordinary people stop these?
– Nuremburg Trials
• United Nations
– San Francisco
– General Assembly and Security Council
• US, UK, Soviet Union, France and China
United Nations
• Security Council has the right to veto
• UN can send peace-keeping forces, create
economic sanctions
– More things are passed since fall of USSR
• World Health Organization
• Food and Agricultural Organizations
• Ban Ki-Moon
After WWII
• Cold War
– US vs USSR
– Italy and Japan were conquered by Brits and
Americans, and the Soviets were not consulted
about how they were occupied
– Eastern Europe was conquered by the Soviets, so
they shouldn’t’ have to consult the West
• Stalin wanted to spread communism and create
protective border countries to prevent invasion
After WWII
• Truman Doctrine
– Containment of communism
• Marshall Plan
– Aid to the locked in areas of Berlin
– Berlin airlift sent aid to the allied sections of West
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization vs the
Warsaw Pact, 1949
– Eastern and western blocs, military protection