Essential Questions

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Essential Questions
Who were the dictators, how
did they rise to power, and
what did they do once in
Soviet Union under Stalin
 After Lenin died, Stalin
worked behind the scenes
to take power
 Concentrate all power to
himself, industrialize the
Soviet Union through a
command economy,
Collectivization of farms
 Soviet Union industrializes
and becomes a totalitarian
Life in the Soviet Union
under Stalin: Purges,
Famine, Censorship
Russian Famine (caused by Stalin)
Benito Mussolini
 Italy
 King allowed him to be prime
minister. Mussolini used this
position to give himself and the
fascists control.
 Fascism, devotion to Italy,
wanted to make Italy into a
great empire.
 Italy builds up army, becomes
an authoritarian country (step
below totalitarian)
Hideki Tojo
 Japan
 Career in the military.
Promoted to War Minister
and used these positions to
control Japan.
 Expand Japan’s empire into
Asia to get resources and
build up Japan’s army and
 Japan’s army becomes
powerful and empire spreads
Adolf Hitler
 Germany
 Leads Nazi Party. Nazi Party
wins many seats in elections
and Hitler is made Chancellor.
Uses this position to take
 Nazism (Fascism + Racism),
wants to expand German
territory to the east, make
Germany a great power
 Builds up German Army,
economy booms, invades other
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Rearmament - Building back the
army (troops, tanks, battleships,
Scapegoat – group of
people/person blamed for
Similarities in Dictators/Dictatorships
 Used scapegoats to rise to power
 Killed “enemies” who were in their way
 Used the Great Depression and other crises to rise to
 People were desperate and supported them
 Came to power legally and through elections
 Made empty promises, used propaganda, and paranoia
 Promoted fascism or communism to get support
 Censorship and few rights for people
 Built up the military and economy
Similarities in Dictators/Dictatorships