Marketing research

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Marketing research
• The process of planning, colleting, and analyzing
the data needed to solve marketing problems.
determine consumer attitudes and preferences
Test product features
Determine market size and growth potential
Learn about competitive products
Determine buying cycles
Understand how the company is perceived by the
Customer profile data
Company results
Competitive results
Government data
•Company staff, in house
research departments
•Outside research companies
•Learn about competition
•Trade associates
•Non profit organizations
Marketing information
Database marketing
•Determine consumers
attitudes and preferences
•Determine market size and
growth potential
•Learn about competition
•Understand the company’s
place within the market
• Stouffers spend 13
years doing
research and
before starting
lean cuisine line.
Marketing Research Steps
Identify and define
Develop the research
Determine the data
collecting method
Collect data
Analyze Data
Report the Data
• Primary Research Method
– Surveys or questionnaires(open
ended or closed ended questions
– Focus groups/Interviews- groups
of people that study the topic
– Observation methods – one way
mirrors, mystery shoppers
– Diaries
– Experiments
Measure the effectiveness
of an advertising message
• Collecting and analyzing data previously gathered for
other purposes
– Saves time and money
– Learn about the industry, trends and consumers
Company reports
Trade associations
Non profit organization
Government reports- us census
Internet – websites
Annual reports/ chamber of commerce
News and media resources
Forced Choice Questions
• Simplest questions to write
and also the easier to tabulate
• Two choice multiple choice or
rating scale
• Rating scale between 1 and
five- (Lickert Scale)
Open Ended Questions
• A respondents give opinions
to a questions
• Difficult to categorize and
Yes/ No Question
• Question that asks about more
than one issues decreases
reliability and validity
• Used as Filter questions
– Did you have a problem during
your Stay?
____Yes _____NO
Multiple choice
make the opinions
comprehensive enough to
includes all possible responses.
• Best to use to get overall measurement of a
particular topic, opinion, or experience.
• Measuring the satisfaction (the trait) of a
recent shopping experience is a common use.
• Five point and seven point sales have most
reliability and validity.
• Respond to a attitude, opinion, or rating scale
Write a Rating Scale Question
• A small bookstore has been losing money since a
larger bookstore opened in the same area. Some
customers have mentioned that the new
bookstore has a coffee bar and a reading loungethings the small bookstore does not have. The
owners are willing to expand their small
bookstore, but need to know what customers
really want. Come up a list of questions the
owner should ask if they distribute a survey to
their current customers. Using a five rating scale