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Australian Community Indicator
Tools and resources
The University of Adelaide
Associate Professor John Spoehr
9 May 2012
Adaptation Online
• Provides decision makers with
access to the tools and information
necessary for understanding and
monitoring the human dimensions
of climate change.
• Forms part of the "Adapting to
climate change in South Australia:
Human Dimensions of Transect
Project" funded by the Premier's
Science and Research Fund.
• To access this website visit:
• An interactive online mapping tool
to assist the monitoring and
assessment of the human
dimensions of climate change in
South Australia.
• Enables users to navigate to an area
of interest, display selected data
layers, and save a map to use in a
report or presentation.
• This website will be available mid
Community Indicators Online
• A clearinghouse for community
indicator development initiative in
SA, Australia and overseas.
• It contains ideas and tools designed
to support the development of
community indicators.
• To access this website visit:
South Australian Policy Online
• An interactive website linking
researchers and public policy makers
in South Australia.
• Aims to increase the accessibility of
research resources amongst policy
makers and researchers.
• To access this website visit:
Social Health Atlas of Australia
• Provides interactive information
on a broad range of health
indicators, particularly focussing
on monitoring inequality in
health and wellbeing.
• Enables users to view single or
double maps, along with
statistical histograms and tables,
and to export maps.
• To access this website visit:
Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia
• National Centre for the Social
Applications of GIS (GISCA), in
partnership with the Australian
Department of Health and Ageing,
developed two online spatial
information systems: ARIA+ and
• ARIA is an unambiguously
geographical approach to defining
• PhARIA focuses on the physical and
professional remoteness of
pharmacies throughout Australia.
• To access these websites visit: