e-Grad School (Australia)

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e-Grad School (Australia)
e-Grad School (Australia)
• A virtual graduate school to operate in
Australia and internationally;
• Funding from DEST Collaboration and
Structural Reform (CASR) to ATN Deans
and Directors of Graduate Schools;
• Offering pathways to a formal qualification
in research management from 2007;
• Business plan being developed.
Online sub-projects included in the
e-Grad School framework
Generic capabilities (transferable skills)
Career Preparation
University Teaching
Research culture enrichment
Information Literacy (LATN to develop)
Research methodology and design
Supervisor Development
eGSA Access Project
e-Grad School Access Project
To provide a federated authentication infrastructure for users in Australia and
internationally of e-Grad school (Australia) services.
To test its feasibility and workability through its use in the large scale project which
involves the e-Grad School with its multiple service providers and nationally
distributed user base.
Establish all five ATN universities as Identity providers in the federation.
Promote the growth of the federation Testbed.
Use the opportunity offered by a project with multiple server providers to develop
infrastructure with application to other projects.
Replace in-house developed infrastructure with standards based technology to
reduce administrative overheads and improve security and simplify the process of
authentication for clients.
INFO-Scholar: information literacy
for research success
• Collection of web pages with multi-media
• Located on QUT library web site;
• 10 online modules;
• Links back to LATN home web sites for
supplementary materials.