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Silent Partner
Indonesian Studies, Australia
and the Asia Century
Tim Lindsey
Director, Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam & Society,
University of Melbourne
Chair, Australia Indonesia Institute
1998 - Reformasi &
240 million +
17,400 islands +
Equivalent distance: Moscow to London
Controls vital sea lanes
Largest Muslim society
Fourth largest population overall
More Muslims than the Middle East
More Christians than
entire population of Australia
Third largest democracy
Economy booming
6 to 7 %, even with low foreign investment
GDP bigger than Australia
In top 5 economies by 2050
“Too many of my friends in
Australia and their kids still think
in terms of a European or
American connection, but the
reality is that Asia will have a
hugely more significant impact
on Australia and Australia needs
to understand it and adapt.”
James Wolfensohn, World Bank
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