NI 188 Presentation

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NI 188 Progress
Level 2
Reported Level 2 end of May 2010:
A comprehensive risk assessment with BCC (on-going)
Beginning to influence policy
Taking practical action
Reach Level 3 by March 2011…
To reach Level 3…
Comprehensive action plan and prioritised action in all priority
Detailed understanding of risk and take action to embed
relevant adaptation response into council strategies, plans,
partnerships and operations
Consulted with authorities responsible for climate change
management and others who can provide advice on good
practice e.g. Environment Agency, Natural England, Defra
Pooling of skills, knowledge and resource across LSP
By completing the Adaptation Work Plan!
- The various projects will provide an evidence base for
assessing risk and appropriate adaptive responses
Compliment Birmingham’s Climate Change Action Plan
available online
Capitalise on the strength of the CCAP – consultation amongst
partners on Action Plan
Communications and exhibition in March 2011