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Views on Five Year Program of SBSTA
on Adaptation
Lu Xuedu
Ministry of Science and Technology China
May 21, 2005
Bonn, Germany
Broad Objective of Work Program:
The objectives of the work program shall be defined from the
global demand to adapt climate change. Adaptation is part of the
overall global efforts to address climate change. The broad
objective of this program is to promote the integration of
adaptation into sustainable development framework.
The global demand to adapt climate change:
Reducing the uncertainties of models, methods, and etc., for
impact and adaptation analysis.
Enhancing the capacities of Parties, in particular developing
country parties, to address the impacts of, and adaptation to
climate change.
Specific objectives:
Promotion of the developments and improvements of
models, methods, and etc., that can significantly
reduce uncertainties compared to current ones.
Establishment of a mechanism that can promote the
transfer of technologies and skills to developing
countries to address impact and adaptation.
Scope of Work Program:
Those elements identified at COP-10 are the
basic elements
Focus on scientific aspects
Demonstration projects
Program shall, at least, cover:
Means and ways to promote the R&D of
methods, models, and etc., so as to enhance
the reliability and reduce uncertainties; and
Means and ways to promote transfer relevant
technologies and skills to Non-Annex I Parties,
including demonstration projects.
Outcomes by the end of the five years:
A series of models, methods, and etc., with significant
improvements, have been developed to be available for
Parties in main areas as following: agriculture, water
resources, coast zone management, integration of climate
change into SD;
Mechanism has been established to transfer relevant
technologies and skills to developing countries.
Initial Specific Activities:
Identify issues related impacts and
Call upon inputs by Parties and other
stakeholders; and
Organize intensive technical training and
dialogues for technical experts of developing
Review and further development:
Program should be reviewed annually, and
Further actions should be taken after annual
review so as to promote the program
Thank You
for your attention!