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Unit Six
Phyllis J. Langone, Ph.D., M.Phil., M.B.A., M.S., M.A.
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• “E” experiment
• “U” experiment
• Evolution
• Food Web
• Natural Selection
• Adaptation
• Squirrels
• Weekly reminders
• Q&A
Evolution and Natural Selection
• Evolution is a change
in the characteristics
of a population over
time. It means that
species are related to
one another and can
change through time.
• Natural selection
explains how
evolution occurs.
How is th_ w_ath_r?
A “u” free environment
Squirrels and the food web
Squirrels, natural selection & adaptation
Another example of natural selection
and adaptation
• Mimicry of leaves
by insects is an
adaptation for
evading predators.
This example is a
Common Garden
Katydid (Caedicia
simplex) from
Unit Six DB: Endangered Species
Several questions to address in your post – like
last week in Unit Five.
Make sure you address the complete list of
questions during your Discussion.
Don’t forget – Unit Six DB started Wednesday!!
So start posting if you haven’t done so!!
Unit Six Project:
Our Place in the Global Society
We’ll be looking at
the Impacts of a
Borderless Society.
This is neat topic so try
to have some fun!