Sierra Student Coalition and Climate Campaign PA Summit

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Transcript Sierra Student Coalition and Climate Campaign PA Summit

Sierra Student
Coalition :
Climate Campaign
PA Summit
Saturday, January 28-Sunday January 29, 2006
• Retrain old workers
• Spread the word; reduce
• More demand=More supply
• Take it one step at a time
• Politics affect legislation
• Domino Affect
• International Countries stand
on Climate issues
• 28% of Global Warming
Gases comes from
transportation (cars)
• 2 types of
California Clean Car of
Federal tier 2]
• PA has most people in rural
areas than any other state
More Facts
• US=5% of World pop.
~emits 25% of Global
• To stabilize CO2, have to
cut back by 60-80% from
where we are now…very
challenging to reduce
Campus Climate Challenge
• www.campusclimatechall
• 500 campus by end of
2006 to join in
prevention of
environmental issues
Cool Cities Campaign
• Like Campus Climate
Challenge but for cities.
• Purpose: to reduce
energy waste and heattrapping global warming
pollution by taking real
action in their
• 183 and counting
Climate Change in Africa
~Luke Chike Igweobi~
• 70% of people live off
of rain fall agriculture
• Rainfall has decreased by
• Poverty is intertwined
w/climate change…
Effective Organizing Skills
• 3 Principles of Effective
• Why plan a campaign?
• What are your anxieties
about organizing
• The Matrix:
Issue Focus
Campaign Goals
Lay of the Land
Campaign Communication
Tactics & Timeline
Resource Management