Youth in Nazi Germany

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Transcript Youth in Nazi Germany

Youth in Nazi Germany
Why did the Hitler youth
organizations exist?
• Hitler claimed that his Reich would last for
a thousand years
• For Hitler, this meant that German children
must grow up as Nazis
• The boys would grow into soldiers
• The girls were to be trained to be mothers of
the “master race”
Headings for your notes
• What were the different youth organisations
for boys and girls?
• Why did people join these groups?
• What was the purpose of education in Nazi
• How were teachers treated in Nazi schools?
Boys Age
Pimpfen (Little Fellows).
Hiking, camping,
physical exercise.
Deutsche Jungvolk
(German Young People)
Oath of loyalty to Hitler,
trained in military
discipline and music.
Hitler Jugend (Hitler
Youth). More advanced
military training.
Girls Age
Jugenmadel (Young
Physical exercise and
health training.
Bund Deutscher Madel
(League of German
Training for motherhood
Pressures to join
• HJ letter:
The Hitler Jugend come to you today with the
question: why are you not willing to join the
ranks of the HJ?
Write your reasons on the enclosed blank
• Hitler Youth Law 1936 – compulsory, banned
other youth groups.
• “The whole purpose of Education is to
create Nazis.” (The Ministry of Education).
• “German language History, Geography,
Chemistry and Mathematics must
concentrate on military subjects- the
glorification of military service and German
• Taught to be good Nazis
• German youth to be ‘ educated in the
spirit of National Socialism’
• Hitler to parent ‘ You may disagree with
me but your children are mine already’.
• Subjects Nazified
• Told what to teach
• If spoke against Nazis : sacked and forced to
attend Nazi re-education programmes.
Things to do
• Read pages 74-76
• Answer Questions 1 to 3 on page 76
Extension – imagine it is 1938, you have joined the Hitler Youth.
• How do you feel?
• What sort of activities are you doing?
• OR
• Write a diary of a school child attending a German school for one day.
• What subjects are you doing? What are you learning about?
Can you answer the questions from the start of the lesson?