World War II World In Flames

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World War II
World In Flames
Dictators on the March
Hitler’s rise to power
• In Germany, four years after WWI, the
economy collapsed.
• German people were upset and angry.
• Hitler rises to power by appealing to
German pride.
• His regime used prejudice and preached
The Nazi’s Power
• Hitler became the head of Germany in 1933.
• He declares himself dictator & bans all other
political parties.
• He began to jail & kill anyone who opposed him.
• In 1936, German troops march into Rhineland
- this breaks the Treaty of Versailles.
• Hitler’s goal was to wipe out all Jewish people.
In Japan, General Tojo is fighting
China over land
• The US puts an embargo (stops) on iron
sold to Japan in 1940
• The US puts an embargo (stops) on oil
sold to Japan in 1941
• Japan – US peace talks didn’t go well
the US wanted Japan out of China,
Japan would not agree to leave China.
begins to
plan the
attack on
Pearl Harbor.
In Italy, Mussolini marches his
armies into Ethiopia and Albania.
The Axis (of evil): Germany, Italy, &
Japan formed a war partnership.