Unit 11: World War II -Test Review 1. Fascism Ideology

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Transcript Unit 11: World War II -Test Review 1. Fascism Ideology

Unit 11: World War II -Test
1. Fascism Ideology:
Use of violence and terror
Extreme nationalism
Censorship and government control of news
Blind loyalty to leader
2. What does fascism promote?
• A political system that glorified the nation
above the individual
• Nationalism and militarism
• Appealing to national pride
3. Communism Ideology:
4. Examples of military aggression:
• Japan’s invasion of Manchuria
• Italy’s attack on Ethiopia
• Germany’s blitzkrieg in Poland
5. Motive behind Japan’s policy of
• A lack of natural resources
6. Causes of the Great Depression &
reasons why it spread to Europe:
• Speculation on the stock market in the 1920’s
7. Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
• Because the U.S. placed an embargo on the
scrap iron, steel and oil exports to Japan in
8. How did totalitarian dictatorships
gain power in Europe?
• New democracies failed to meet the needs of
many people
9. How are Hitler and Mussolini
• They both glorified militarism and violence
10. What leader worked closely with
President Roosevelt?
• Winston Churchill
11. Manhattan Project:
• Was the development of the atomic bomb
12. The New Deal:
Public works projects
Financial help for farmers and business
Welfare and relief programs
Designed to bring much needed economic
relief during the Great Depression
13. Kristallnacht
• “Night of shattered glass”
• This event happened after the Nuremberg
Laws were passed in Germany.
• Nazi’s attacked Jewish business and
14. Totalitarian Government:
• A country and its government are ruled by a
one-party system
• Enforcement through police terror
• Absolute authority from dictator
• Advanced military technology
15. US Atomic Bombs:
• Helped in World War II
• Idea for the atomic bomb came from Albert
Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2
16. Similarity between the pogroms in
Russia and the Nazi Holocaust:
• Both violated the human rights of Jews
17. Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union
• Stalin denied basic human rights to many
18. Adolf Hitler became chancellor of
Germany after what document was
• After the Treaty of Versailles was signed
ending WWI
• Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany
• Hitler then has troops invade Poland
19. What geographic feature in Russia
made invasions unsuccessful?
• Harsh winter climate
20. American and British leader’s
highest priority in WWII was to what?
• Invade Europe and defeat Germany
• Then the U.S. would go after Japan
21. When Roosevelt gave his speech to
Congress after the attack on Pearl
Harbor, what did he want to do?
• The speech persuaded Congress to declare
war on Japan