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What is Parent Aware?
• Name was chosen to
keep parents front and
• Parent focus groups
helped to shape the
messaging and
marketing approach
• MELF was key partner
Overall challenges to engaging parents
opportunities vs.
website promotion
Need to balance
promotion of the
concept and of the tool
Advertising can be
difficult to sustain
Current child care frame
What is working?
Parents want this
96 percent of
Minnesotans believe
“parents should have
access to the best
available information to
help them find quality
places to prepare
children for kindergarten
According to 2010 poll by Decision Resources
Marketing kits for all programs
Materials tailored for target audiences
Partners/community events spread the word
Used partnerships with
Child Care Assistance,
workforce centers, and
cultural intermediaries
Trained scholarship
pilot’s home visitors on
basics of Parent Aware
Participated in
community events and
provided giveaways
CCR&R system messaging aligned
MELF advertising increased web traffic
Why has not worked?
•Staff time and capacity to
continue consistent
community based outreach
•Uncertainty regarding
expansion until recently
•Ability to fund ongoing
advertising and marketing
•It simply takes time to build
What else is needed?
Promotion to Grow With the Program
Rated programs will participate in focus groups
designed to learn:
Which strategies
might better
inform parents of
Star Ratings.
Which promotional
materials inspired
parent and
What else is needed?
• Partners willing to advocate for the program
• Systemic approach
• Good data and evaluation
For more information:
Ann McCully
[email protected]