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Advertising in business is a form of marketing
communication used to encourage, persuade, or
manipulate an audience (viewers, readers or
listeners) to take or continue to take some action.
Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages.
Advertising on papyrus was also common in Ancient
Greece and Ancient Rome.
Wall or rock painting was another ancient
advertising form, which is present to this day in
many parts of Asia, Africa, and South America.
A Coca-Cola
advertisement from
the 1890s.
Great development of ads
in the 20 th century
Edward Bernays - is considered
to be the founder of modern
Nice to be
Development of advertisements
in the 20th and 21st century
On the radio from the 1920s
 Commercial television in the 1950s
 Cable television from the 1980s
 On the Internet from the 1990s
There are a lot of psychological advertising
techniques, that are used to influence and
encourage consumer´s behavior.
1. Music and other sound effects can help to
address the ad´s target audience.
2. A famous person is often used to promote
the product.
3. Weasel Words can also influence our decision
for purchase.
Advertisers are legally required to tell the truth, but
they often use misleading words such as
“The taste of real . . , “ “Because we care . . .
“ “Because you deserve it . . . “
4.Advertisers use emotions that most humans
experience, such as love, hate, and desire, which
can be one of the most motivating factor for buying
a product.
Positive advertisements
The Lidl ad for Saguaro
Do you know how much it is
spent a year for advertising?
More than $500 billion a year is spent
on advertising worldwide.
ADs of the future?
Three-dimensional mobile advertising is on its
way! Users will explore a marketing space by
“touching” objects.
Our proposal
It is important to inform and make consumers
aware of negative enviromental impacts of
producing many modern goods and services.
We would like
our eyes to be
caught by
And what about
changing our
billboards to paintings
to make the world
more beautiful?
The End
The End