Advertising Intro

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An Introduction
Project options for the pop culture unit response
have been updated and are online
Rough draft of writing portion is due on
Final is due on Friday
Created your own logos that represented today’s
media landscape, recipes for cool, and ideas to
remain authentic
Get feedback from Friday
Begin introduction to our advertising unit
Friday Feedback
Time Magazine
“This is not a story about that conversation. This is a
story about the big public conversation the nation is not
having about education, the one that will ultimately
determine not merely whether some fraction of our
children get "left behind" but also whether an entire
generation of kids will fail to make the grade in the global
economy because they can't think their way through
abstract problems, work in teams, distinguish good
information from bad or speak a language other than
Time Magazine
Kids are global citizens now, even in small-town America,
and they must learn to act that way....Developing good
people skills. EQ, or emotional intelligence, is as
important as IQ for success in today's workplace. "Most
innovations today involve large teams of people," says
former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine. "We
have to emphasize communication skills, the ability to
work in teams and with people from different cultures."
What would be your icon/logo to represent the
American media?
Get back together in your group & be prepared
to share your logo and rationale behind your
logo with the class. Decide on what to share
and who will share.
Metacognitive reflection...
What role did each person in your group play
(what data did they gather, etc.)
What was the group dynamic like?
Did anyone dominate the group? If so, why?
Was it necessary?
Tim B., Mike G., David H.
David L., Sam L., Steve
Chris, Ashley, Jon
Cameron, Amy, Kyle J.
Pat M., John G., Sam C.
Juliet, Andrew, Jeff
Laura, Karl, Pat
Brittany, Courtney, Addie, Tyler
Amy, Phil, Marissa
Tim, Sam L., Amanda
Ryan P., Jessica, Morris
Chris, Jenna, Jyle, Andrei
Melanie, Emily, Aaron
Zach, Dan, Becca
Rich, Mark, Jim
Brandon, Megan, Sam Z.
Advertising Intro
Unit Outline
Lies, needs & appeals
Visual techniques
Writing techniques
Ad explorations
Questions to ask an ad
How is it distorted?
Gender in advertising
Final Project
Create an original packaging for an existing product
Create a print ad, commercial, etc.
1926 Ad Quote
“Historians of the future will not have to rely on the
meager collections of museums, will not have to pore over
obscure documents and ancient prints, to reconstruct a
faithful picture of 1926. Day by day a picture of our time
is recorded completely and vividly in the advertisements of
American newspapers and magazines. Were all other
sources of information on life today to fail, the advertising
would reproduce for future times, as it does for our own,
the action, color, variety, dignity, and aspirations of the
American Scene.”
—N.W. Ayer and Son (Philadelphia ad agency), 1926
Intro Question
So, is this quote true?
If historians were to look back at our culture’s
ads, what would they see?
Food, beauty, entertainment (sports, television,
film), etc.
Do our ads accurately depict our culture?
Ad Analysis
“And you’ll have yourself
a Big Mac, a very large
order of fries and a great
big drink. All of which
should make your
stomach very happy. Not
to mention your wallet.”
Is this message true?
Journal Response
Imagine that the year is 2507. You are an
archeologist and have just discovered a
storehouse of advertising dated around 2007. In
your journal, record what the advertising seems
to say about the culture and whether or not, from
what you know about the culture, if it actually is
QuickTime™ and a
Sorenson Video 3 decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
So, what is the message of these advertisements
as a whole? Is it true?
Advertising Man
If you want some real contentment,
to live life at its best,
You can buy these dry tobacco leaves, to breathe
into your chest.
And then look up at the billboard, while all the
promises come true, for you.
Those portraits of pleasure, of those who like to smoke,
They're laughing in the photograph, but we don't get the
Now why would they be smiling while they're looking down
our way?
I guess they're making easy money climbing up the rungs,
From selling us a parasite that's feeding on our lungs.
They must be laughing in astonishment that we believe the
things they say.
You'll feel alive with pleasure, playful as a child.
You've come to where the freedom is.
You're cool and mild.
You'll laugh with every lungful as the change comes So look up at the billboard.
See her smiling, sexy and tan.
over you.
But the only one who's laughing is the advertising man.
So look up at the billboard.
Now crack'll kill you quickly. That's why it's got to go.
See her smiling, sexy and tan.
But the only one who's laughing is the advertising They'll get more of your money if they kill you nice and
And the only one who's laughing is the advertising man.
Your Task
Look through the ad you brought in and...
In a paragraph, write down the main message of
the ad and whether you think it is true. Use some
of your observations from the real world to back up
your argument.
A Definition
A Generic Definition
the nonpersonal communication of information
about products (goods & services) or ideas by
identified sponsors
usually paid for
usually persuasive in nature
presented through various media
From the “old” world…
To the “new” world…
Ads have been with us
And they reflect numerous
aspects of our culture…
Food, drink, mobility, public service, and
QuickTime™ and a
TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
Public Service
QuickTi me™ and a
TIFF ( Uncompressed) decompressor
are needed to see thi s pi ctur e.
QuickTime™ and a
TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
And Relationships
Your Task
Examine some of the techniques/methods and
messages advertisers use and see if they have
changed over time…
Examine the contemporary ads you brought in
to class
Compare them with ads from the past (see print
Your homework
on your lifetime awareness of advertising by
answering these questions…
1.Which advertisements/campaigns stand out in your mind
as the best? Why?
2.Which advertisements/campaigns stand out in your mind
as the worst? Why?
3.Which advertisements/campaigns have had the greatest
impact on our culture? Why?