Transcription/Translation foldable

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Transcript Transcription/Translation foldable

Fold your paper so the two ends meet
in the middle. Label Transcription on
one side and Translation on the other.
• Definition: DNA is transcribed into mRNA.
• Location? Nucleus (holds DNA to control cell)
• Why? DNA cannot leave the nucleus, so the messenger RNA is
made to carry the code to the ribosome.
Cut out the picture below. Label and color the DNA blue and the mRNA red.
• Definition: mRNA nucleotide code is
translated into an amino acid sequence to
build a protein. tRNA helps by doing the
actual translation from 3 nucleotides to 1
amino acid.
• Location: ribosome (builds proteins)
• Why? The structures and functions of a
cell/organism are built or carried out by
Translation con’t
Cut out the picture
below. Label
and color:
mRNA –red (B)
Amino acidsyellow
Circle 3 bases on mRNA and label as codon.
Circle complementary 3 bases on tRNA and label as anticodon.
Label the amino acid sequence.
Cut out the steps of protein synthesis, and
glue them in order on the back of your