Transcription and Translation

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Transcript Transcription and Translation

Transcription and Translation
How DNA is used
Where is DNA?
• Human Cells contain DNA
molecules in bundles
called chromosomes.
• There are 46
chromosomes in each
human cell. (Except Sex
• Each molecule is coiled up
and bundled much like
yarn from a craft store.
• When unwound, DNA
looks like a ladder.
• The code of DNA is
stored in the
sequence of bases
that make up the
“rungs” to the ladder.
• DNA must remain in
the nucleus, but
proteins are made in
the ribosomes.
• The code must be
copied through a
process called
• DNA unwinds, and
separates to expose 1
side of the code.
• mRNA is built by
connecting nucleotides 1
at a time that are
complimentary to the
• RNA replaces (T)hymine
with (U)racil so it can
leave the nucleus.
• mRNA takes the codons
to the ribosome.
• tRNA brings amino acids
one at a time in a specific
order by matching 3 base
pairs with the mRNA.
• Each new amino acid
brought by the tRNAs is
added to the growing
protein chain.
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