Where do new cells come from

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Transcript Where do new cells come from

Where do new cells come
The Cell Cycle Mystery
BI5. a. Students know the general
structures and functions of DNA, RNA,
and protein.
 Standard Explanation-DNA-double helixcontains genetic info, RNA-singlestranded, copy of a section of DNA,
protein-make up many parts of the body
 Explain the origin of new cells.
 Describe the structure and function of
Life Span of Cells
Skin cell-two weeks
 Red blood cell-4 months
 Liver cell-300-500 days
 Intestine-(muscle)-16 years
How do we get from one cell to
many cells?
DNA contains the information to
make more cells (in the nucleus).
The Cell Cycle-DNA is copied and
the cell divides. (Mitosis and
The Cell Cycle
Interphase-G1(growth),S(DNA synthesis),
G2 (growth)
 Mitosis-PMAT (Division of cell membrane
and nucleus)
 Cytokinesis-Division of cytoplasm
Summary Questions:
How often does your body replace cells in
your intestines?
 During which phase do cells go through
normal growth?
 Where is the information contained to
make new cells?
 What occurs during Mitosis?