How do we get proteins? - Sebastian Charter Junior High

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Transcript How do we get proteins? - Sebastian Charter Junior High

Transcription & Translation
 DNA is used to make a single strand of RNA that is
complementary to the DNA base pairs.
 The enzyme used is RNA polymerase
 Protein being made from the RNA template
 RNA messenger= carries message from DNA
 Ribosomal RNA= ribosome that reads the mRNA
 Transfer RNA= transfers the amino acid from the code
of nitrogen bases
Steps of Translation
 1. mRNA finds a ribosome
 2. mRNA is read by the ribosome
 3. Every 3 bases = codon
 4. Each codon read = 1 amino acid brought by the
tRNA (3 bases on anticodon)
 5. Many amino acids strung together = polypeptide =
 Initiation- Small ribosome subunit finds bases AUG,
then the large subunit binds and starts the process
 Elongation- Amino acids are bonded by peptide bonds
 Termination- Stop codon (UAA, UAG, or UGA) signals
the release of the polypeptide from the ribosome
Transcription & Translation