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RNA notes
Differences from DNA:
Instead of Thymine, RNA has Uracil
Three types of RNA:
mRNA –carries copies of DNA from nucleus to
the cytoplasm .(messenger RNA)
tRNA – folded RNA that connects to mRNA to
connect amino acids. (transport)
More RNA
rRNA-(ribosomal RNA)takes the
ribosome's where proteins are made
Transcription – the process by which
genetic material is copied from DNA to
Transcription(in the nucleus)
RNA polymerase unzips DNA and copies
it into RNA. A’s connect with U’s and G’s
connect with C’s.
The starting point of transcription is
known as the Promoter, the end is
known as the terminal signal.
After transcription the mRNA moves
into the cytosol for protein synthesis.
Protein synthesis:
From DNA to You
Proteins are made from chains of amino
acids, the order of these AA’s determines the
structure of a protein.
The genetic code is a way of reading the
sequence of amino acids.
A codon is a combination of three nitrogen
containing bases in a row. Each codon codes
for a different amino-acid.
Translation(in the cytoplasm)
A start codon tells a ribosome to start
translating the mRNA. A stop codon
tells it to stop.
Anti-codons on tRNA match up with
codons to start connecting amino acids
to make proteins.
A to U, G to C.