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Cracking the Code
GENE is a section of a DNA molecule that
contains the information to code for one
complete protein
 PROTEINS are made up of a chain of amino
 Proteins determine many of the traits in an
is made up of a chain of nitrogen bases:
A, T, C, G
 The
ORDER of nitrogen bases along a gene
forms a genetic code that specifies which
amino acids are put together to form the
 Messenger
RNA carries the genetic code from
the DNA in the nucleus to the cytoplasm
 Messenger
RNA attaches to a ribosome, which
“reads” the code 3 bases at a time (codon)
 Transfer
RNA’s, attached to amino acids, pair
with the 3-letter codes of messenger RNA
 The
amino acids link in a chain, creating a
protein molecule
 You
will transcribe DNA into RNA, then
translate RNA into “protein”
 Work in groups of 3:
1 messenger RNA
1 ribosome
1 transfer RNA
 Each
member has specific instructions
 Raise your hand when you’ve cracked the