Chapter 7 Biology

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Chapter 10 Biology
• the sugar of RNA
• RNA molecule that finds and transfer specific
amino acids
• Bases containing TWO rings of carbon and
• Single stranded RNA molecule that transfers
genetic information from the nucleus to the
• Bases containing ONE ring of carbon and
• The process of converting RNA into
• Molecules which carry out genetic information
• Scientists whom are famed to have discovered
the double helix structure of DNA
• Scientist who conducted x-ray photography of
DNA crystals
• RNA molecule that, with proteins, makes up
ribosomes where proteins are made
• Made up of hundred of amino acids
• Specific sequence of nucleotides that mark
the end of a gene in eukaryotic cells
• the sugar of DNA
• The process of converted DNA into RNA
Site of transcription
• Primary enzyme of transcription
• Site of translation
• Location of ribosome that produces proteins
used within the cell
• Production of proteins
• Sequence of bases which mark the beginning
of DNA to be transcribed
• Correlation between a nucleotide sequence
and an amino acid sequence
• AUG; codes for methionine
• Terminates translation
• Monomer of protein