Transcript Humanism

New Ideas and Art 17-2
Humanism – (1300s) turn to values of Greeks & Romans
Believed individual/society were very important
Humanists – Sought balance between faith & reason
Petrarch – (Peh-trahrk) 1300s Poet, Scholar
Encouraged the search for Latin manuscripts
Known for Preserving works & writing roman bios
Pure Latin vs. vernacular Latin?
Gutenberg – (1450) printing press = moveable metal type
Key to spreading humanist thought throughout Europe
1st book to be printed was the Bible
Dante – The Divine Comedy (poem, 14,000 lines, worlds greatest)
main characters journey from hell to heaven
vividly describes the harsh punishments for different sins
Chaucer- wrote in English “The Canterbury Tales”
About a journey of 29 pilgrims to the city Canterbury
Describes the levels of English society Nobles to poor
The English used is the ancestor of today’s modern English
Renaissance art uses “Perspective” to show distance in its work
Leonardo da Vinci – best Renaissance scientist / artist
dissected corps for learning (medical)
Inventor and engineer
Renaissance art shows people how they should look
The Last Supper = “fresco” painted on wet plaster
Michelangelo – “La Pieta” sculpture of Mary holding Jesus