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DBQ due Monday.
R-4 due Tuesday.
Classicism: Renewed interest in works, ideas and
values of the Greeks and Romans.
Humanism: A philosophy that celebrates humans
◦ Human beings have unlimited potential: We can
accomplish anything, and improve ourselves
and the world around us.
Human emotions and experiences are worth
studying and understanding.
Individualism: Every individual matters and
should pursue their own desires and goals.
How was this different from the way human beings
were viewed during the Middle Ages?
C. Francisco Petrarch (1304-1374):
“Father of Humanism.”
◦ Great poet and writer who recognized
that humanity is living at the dawn of
a new age of intellectualism and
culture after a thousand years of
Medieval darkness.
◦ Loves classical learning
◦ Writes of his romantic love for Laura in
the vernacular.
D. Change in Attitude about Life
a. Middle Ages:
this period?
What did people focus on during
b. Renaissance
• Secular lifestyle: Enjoying life on Earth and the
here and now, not focusing as much on religion
and the afterlife. Examples: food, music,
theater, painting, beautiful clothing, etc.
“How beautiful is youth that is always slipping
away! Whoever wants to be happy, let him be so:
of tomorrow there’s no knowledge.”
- Lorenzo Medici
b. Renaissance (continued)
• Nobles are encouraged to be “Renaissance Men”
• Baldassare Castiglione’s The Courtier (1528) →
guide for nobles on how to become a
Renaissance man.
◦ Of the following individuals, which one do you think
BEST fits the definition of a “Renaissance man (or
woman)” and why:
Steve Jobs
Oprah Winfrey
Walt Disney
Bill Gates
Barack Obama
Choose your own example
◦ Is it possible to be a Renaissance man/woman in
the 21st century? Do you think it is a worthwhile
goal for people to strive for? Why or why not?