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•Means _______________
•Rebirth of ______ and _____________
•Began in northern ___________
Economic Foundations
•Increased demand for ______________
_____________ products
•Encouraged the use of __________ and
Niccolo Machiavelli
Leonardo da Vinci
•Wrote ________________
•Painted the __________ _______
and The _________ Supper
–guidelines for the how to get
____________ by absolute
•Handsome, athletic, singer, artist,
scientist, inventor
•Believed the ends _____________
the means
•One should do __________ if
possible, but do _________ when
•Letters of credit _______________ supply
of ___________ and sped up trade.
•New __________________ and
____________________ practices used
Arabic numerals
•Italian _________________ became rich
from trade:
Art and Literature
•Medieval ______ and literature
focused on the ____________
and ______________.
•They were ____________ centers for the
__________________ of goods to
_________________ Europe.
•Independent city-states governed as
______________ by wealthy
•Renaissance art and
______________ focused on
________________ and
____________ __________,
along with _______________.
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•Painted the ceiling of the _____________
Chapel and sculpted _________
•Sculptor, painter, architect, poet
•Wrote ______________
•He wrote with a _____________
•Considered the “____________
of Humanism”
•Celebrated the
•Stimulated the study of Greek and Roman
literature and culture
•Humanists were supported by ______________
who were very wealthy
Northern Renaissance
Northern Renaissance Writers
•With the rise of trade, travel and
•__________________—The Praise of Folly (1511)
_______________, the Italian
•Critical of ______________ church practices
Renaissance _____________ to
northern Europe.
•________________ for Protestant Reformation
•The art and literature changed as
people of different cultures
adopted Renaissance ideas.
•Sir ______________ More
•wrote Utopia (1516)
•Depicts world with _____________ social,
legal and political system
•Leading ______________ scholar