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Pre-superbowl lesson
Influences on Consumers
 Consumers
buy things in response to
Advertising is geared towards specific
 Ads provide useful information about
products or announce the start of a sale
 Ads also influence you to purchase a
product that you do not necessiarly need
or want or can afford
Ads that Appeal to Our Emotions
Association – products with popular
ideas/symbols; ads try to convince you
that purchasing the prod. will associate
you with the same ideas or symbols
If wear their perfume, I’ll be beautiful too just
like that woman
Bandwagon – promotes the idea that
everyone is using the product
Celebrity – involves a celebrity to sell the
Claims of authority – convince
consumers by having an authority figure
(doctor) promote the product
Doctor recommended
Seeing is believing – infomercials
Regardless of the technique used, a
smart consumer learns to separate the
product from the characters and images
in it ads.