Transcript Exploration

TCAP Test Review
Benchmark Test 7
Questions 1-30
• Ferdinand Magellan was the only
explorer to have a crew successfully
– A. circle the globe.
– B. reach North America.
– C. travel past the Cape of Good Hope.
– D. reach India.
• Europeans had difficulty trading with
China because each culture
– A. thought little of the other’s goods.
– B. was very respectful toward the other.
– C. was too religious.
– D. thought it was superior.
• Christopher Columbus landed in the
Americas when he was actually trying
to reach the more distant land of
– A. Italy.
– B. India.
– C. Africa.
– D. Constantinople.
• One reason Spanish explorers sailed
around the world and claimed new
lands was to
– A. make war on Muslims.
– B. spread Christianity.
– C. perform scientific experiments.
– D. escaped from feudal duties at home.
• After the arrival of Europeans, the
population of native groups in Central
or Latin America
– A. increased sharply.
– B. decreased sharply.
– C. stayed the same.
– D. decreased slightly.
• From studying Portuguese maps from
the 1400s, a reader could tell that
Portugal began exploring
– A. northern Europe.
– B. the Middle East.
– C. Asia Minor.
– D. the western coast of Africa.
• One reason the Spanish conquistadors
defeated Native Americans was
because the
– A. Native Americans’ horses were not good in
– B. Spaniards had superior weapons.
– C. Native Americans were afraid of fighting.
– D. Native Americans had never been at war
• A drawing of a Caribbean plantation in
the 1500s would likely show many
– A. factories.
– B. churches.
– C. enslaved persons.
– D. Pilgrim workers.
• One effect of European exploration was
– A. the growth of the slave trade.
– B. the decline in European manors.
– C. ships made of iron and steel.
– D. the discovery of an eighth continent.
• Which country was the first to find a
trade route to the East by sailing
around Africa?
– A. Spain
– B. England
– C. Italy
– D. Portugal
• The Triangular Trade Route was an
ocean trading route connecting Europe,
Africa, and the Americas by way of the
– A. Indian Ocean
– B. Atlantic Ocean
– C. Pacific Ocean
– D. Arctic Ocean