Faisal`s Anatomy ABC Book

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Faisal Abdillahi
White 2
A…is for Abdominals
They are the
muscles that are
between your
pelvis and thorax.
B…is for Bicep
It is the anterior part
of the upper arms.
This muscle has two
C…is for Cardiac Muscle
Striated muscle in
the heart. It
contracts to help the
heart pump blood
throughout the body.
D…is for Deltoid
The deltoid is
the muscle of
the shoulder. It
is made up of
three different
E…is for Epithelium
Epithelium is the
tissue that is
composed of the
cells that lines
many structures of
the body.
F…is for Femur
The femur is the bone of
the thigh. It’s the longest
and largest bone of the
G…is for Gingival
Consists of mucosal
tissue and lies over
the alveolar bone.
H…is for Heart
The heart is a muscular
organ in all vertebrates .
It’s responsible for
pumping blood
throughout the whole
I…is for Ileum
The ileum is the last region
of the small intestine. It
takes the food from the
stomach into the large
J…is for Jejunum
The jejunum is the
middle portion of the
small intestine.
K…is for Keratin
Keratins are fibrous
structural proteins that
from hard structures.
L…is for Large Intestine
It is the end of the
digestive system. It’s
function is to absorb
water and nutrients
from food material.
M…is for Maxilla
The maxilla is the
upper part of the jaw,
which is attached to
the skull and has no
N…is for Nares
The nares are the
nostrils of the nose. It’s
one of the beginning
airways of the
respiratory system.
O…is for Orbital
Orbital is a word in
anatomy that means
pertaining to the eye.
P...is for Patella
The patella is the
anatomical word for the
kneecap. It lies above
the joint where the tibia
and femur connect.
Q…is for Quadriceps
The quadriceps are the
muscles that make up
the anterior part of the
upper leg. It is made up
of four different
R…is for Retina
The retina is the
tissue that lines the
inner part of the
S…is for Submandibular Gland
The submandibular
gland lies in the
mandible. It makes
saliva and sends in
into the mouth.
T…is for Triceps
The triceps are the
posterior muscle of the
upper arm. It consists of
three separate muscles.
U…is for Ulna
The ulna is the larger
of the two bones in
the forearm. It also
makes up the elbow.
V…is for Vein
The veins are the blood
vessels in the body that
take blood from the
body towards to heart.
Carries de-oxygenated
W…is for White Blood Cells
White blood cells are
the largest cells in your
blood. They are part of
your immune system
and help you fight
against infection.
X…is for X-chromosome
The x-chromosome is
one of the two gender-
Y…is for Yellow Marrow
Yellow marrow is bone
marrow that is yellow
from fat. It is also found at
the ends of long bones.
Z…is for Zygomatic Bone
The zygomatic bone
is the prominence
part of the cheek
bone. It is a lateral
part of the upper