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The human body
In this section, we will examine a topic that is completely different from what we
have seen in the past and this topic is the human body, more specifically
chromosomes, hereditary characteristics (The transmission of genotypes from
parent to offspring) and genes. After this section, you will study the human
reproduction and sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Nucleus of the
cell with its
DNA double helix
All hereditary information of a living being is contained in each cell of the body.
But, what is hereditary information? What is a cell?
Hereditary information: It is information in the shape of genes that are
transmitted from the parents to the offspring (in your case, boy or girl) during
reproduction. For example, you may inherit blonde hair from your mom or
green eyes from your grand-mother or diabetes from your father, etc.
Cells: a living being’s body is made of billions of cells of all types, nerve cells,
muscle cells, blood cells, white blood cells, etc. There is also a difference
between plant and animal cells.
The cell itself is a tiny compartment that is not visible to the naked eye. Besides
containing many important organelles (Cell structures), they contain
substances called chromosomes.
More specifically, chromosomes are contained within a cell structure called the
nucleus which is the cell’s “brain”.