Meiosis & Mitosis process

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Transcript Meiosis & Mitosis process

Meiosis & Mitosis process
Created By: Tianna Ferguson
Meiosis process
The process that occurs in the formation of sex
cells (sperm and egg) by which the number of
chromosomes is reduced by half.
Chromosomes make copies of themselves.
Then they line up in the middle of the cell side by
Then they move to opposite ends of the cell.
Then two new cells are formed.
Then they line up in the center of the cell again.
Then they divide and move opposite ends of the
cell again.
Mitosis Process
The cell grows to its mature size, makes a
copy of its DNA, and prepares to divide
into 2 cells.
 Chromatin in the nucleus condenses to
form chromosomes.
 The chromosomes line up across the
center of the cell.
The process of Meiosis & Mitosis