2012 External Extension Marketing Focus Group findings and

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Transcript 2012 External Extension Marketing Focus Group findings and

Extension Marketing Focus
Group Data & Recommendations
Maria Bowie
Extension Program Planning 2012
Info for PDCs, Program Leaders
Extension Marketing Background
• Original marketing plan updated and launched
in 2005, which included:
– Roll out of plan, training and materials during
Program Planning Week
– Presentations at all secretary trainings
– Presented at Winter School general session +:
• Distribution of new county office signs
• Shirts, magnets and other promotional materials
Extension Marketing background
• Formation of statewide banner programs 2007
– 2008: Walk Georgia & waterSmart
• Formation of extension marketing advisory
team in 2011 which recommended focus
• Conducted four focus groups spring 2012:
– Sumter, Burke, Morgan and Fulton counties
Extension Marketing
• Focus group data responses:
– Disconnect between UGA, Extension and 4-H
– Need to focus on improving extension brand/logo
– Extension is soil testing (potential place for
– Extension agent is the credible source of
information within organization- focus on
individual agent more – ‘faces of extension’
Extension Marketing Focus Group
• Use postal mail
• Visibility of office can be improved with
• Reduced FCS programming being noticed
• Institutional heritage had programs that
served the whole family (man, woman, child)
• Know how. Know now. = favorite slogan
Next Steps
• Retool image with lovable logo (‘G’)
• Work with extension marketing advisory team
to develop system of templates, materials,
and trainings that use consistent logo &
• Internal rollout during fall 2013
• Public adoption in 2014 in tandem with
Extension big birthday bash
Following Thru
Drop ‘Learning for Life’ use
Focus on organizational mark/logo
Post 2014 roll out ‘Know how. Know now.’
Integrate extension marketing effort with
CAES Strategic Planning Implementation
• Send Maria suggestions on things to be
included with plan, training, materials, etc.