The River Noe by Nathan

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Transcript The River Noe by Nathan

The River Noe
This slide show
will be “taking a
tour” of the River
Noe’s Journey
where it flows
into the River
Derwent. The
river is located in
Our First Assessment Location
River forks into
several branches as
it reaches summit.
River Splits
Our Location
Picture taken towards its source.
Here, the river forks into two
– on the overview map, you
can clearly see which one’s
which as they go upstream.
This bridge crosses the river at an angle – The
river at this stage was only about 1-3 metres
wide. Note the width of the bridge compared
with others you will soon see downstream!
A side view of the
bridge. As you can
see, at this point the
water is very
Here are some examples of the rock found
here. Presumably after rain this may be
underwater, as there are puddles. The rocks
are quite large, and appear to have simply
been dumped here by the river.
Here is an example of some erosion that
has/is taking place. As you can see, water
rushes into the corner before resuming its
course to the left. The water is quite fastflowing in these early stages.
A small rapid here as
it flows over some
more pebbles/rocks.
A zoomed out view
of the location.
As you can see, the erosion round
the bend has caused that side of
the river to be very steep.
On the way to our second location, we stopped
at a railway bridge to take some pictures.
Top left: Footpath
crossing the river. Top
& Bottom right:
Railway viaduct
crossing the river.
Location 2 was a few
miles Southeast.
Location One
Railway Viaduct
Location Two
As you can see, the
river has
widened, and now
looks more like an
actual river than the
stream it was earlier.
The view downstream. The
river is still shallow and as
you can see from the
ripples, still fast flowing.
A closer look reveals some
rocks that are above water.
As you can see they are a bit
smaller than before.
The river taken from the top
of the cutting it created.
A view into the distance. This particular picture
shows the amount of trees that grew out of the
side of the river, and nearby.
A calm area of the river
between these ripples
A good view of the stones in the sunshine,
clearly showing their smaller size and still
shallow depth of the river, though wider.
A tree that actually seemed to grow
River Source
Location Two
Location Three
As you can see
here, in Location
3 the river is very
Looking towards
the source, the
calmness of the
river creates an
idyllic view.
Here’s a good view of
the width of the river
As you can see, the
bridges are more
impressive here!
It’s hard to see with the reflection,
but the rocks underneath are a
little smaller, and the depth is
A picture of the road bridge.
By Nathan Foy
River Derwent
River Noe
Barber Booth