General Music Education

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EDU 397I
Managing Time and Paper
Managing Time and Paper
Secondary Field Experience – Kathy Holt & Dixie Metheny
– Music Education Program Handbook
– Journal
Microteaching Assignments
– Student-created Evaluation Form
Basal Series/District 2 Standards
Group Music Integration Units
Kodaly Method
For Thursday: Read Before School Begins I, Kodaly
measures, GMIU, Guitar chords
Anticipatory Set Bluebook
Name three of the six things from
the chapter that you can do in five
minutes or less…
When you are done, hand in your
bluebook and take a look at that first
Secondary Field Experience
Kathy Holt & Dixie Metheny
45 required hours
You will receive your placement next
Monday, Sept. 19th at the first
Microteaching Lesson
Evaluation Development
Managing Time and Paper
Lists (Master and daily)
Music Library
In Rehearsal
Track Everything…
Basal Series/District 2 Handbook
Making Music (Silver Burdett)
Music Connection (Silver Burdett)
Spotlight on Music (McGraw-Hill)
Music Expressions (Warner Brothers)
District 2 has just received a federal grant to
replace your old basal series. You are on the
selection committee. You will be making a
presentation to the School Board regarding your
recommendation. Review the materials and
present both positive and negative aspects of
each series.
Group Music Integration Unit
Group Assignment
Initial Planning
– Decision of Theme
– Assignment of unit requirements
– Assistance in Lesson Plan Format
Individual notes – each fret
represents one half step
A (tonic) and E (dominant) chords
“In a world of peace and
love, music would be the
universal language.”
Henry David Thoreau