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• Jeff Buckley – He is a Singer/Songwriter and
guitarist. However he also plays several other
instruments on this Album.
• The Album – It’s named ‘Grace’ after one of
the tracks on the album but it also contains
the songs ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Lilac Wine’ and ‘Corpus
Christi Carol’. (Latin - Body of Christ)
• Co-written by Gary Lucas and released in 1994
Jeffrey Scott Buckley
Born November 1966
His Father was also a musician
Grace was his debut album
Toured for 2 years with his band promoting his
album, visiting U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia
• Had a fear of Death but died at the age of 30
• He died in New York while waiting for his band.
He drowned in the ‘Wolf’ river during an evening
swim in May 1997
Jeffrey Scott Buckley
• He wrote songs about parting
• His music was generally difficult, not straight
• Generally used Power Chords
• Perfectionist
• Never wrote his music out, just taught it to his
band verbally and through demonstration.
Album Instrumentation
Jeff – Vocals, Guitar and Organ
String Arrangements
Tracks 1&2 – Magical Guitarness
Track 7 – Organ (by another musician)
Track 10 – Tabla (by Jeff and 1 other) &
• Structure
• Chord Structure (Minor Chords in the Intro)
• Harmony (complex, key changes, unusual
• Instrumental Effects (Distortion, Flange,
• Playing Technique (Strummed and Plucked)
• Deliberate Clash with bass (in the chorus on
the word Fire)
Structure and Effects
• Flanger – A studio Effect that can be anything
from a ‘Swirling’ sound to ‘Jet Plane’ effects.
• Phaser – when 2 or more versions of the same
things are played at the same time but at a
slightly different speed.
• Distortion – Where the input signal is so high
that the sound can not be played back clearly.
• Complicated structure that involves sections
within sections.
Song Chords
• The chords, when written down, look very
complicated. However, on guitar they are easy.
• The guitar is tuned using ‘Drop D’ Tuning.
• The Chords for the verse are shown in your
book (Page 107)
• Power Chords are created this way. 1 shape
moved up and down the fret board to create
the different chords.
Additional Notes
• The string sounds are added after, on top of
the standard instrumental line up.
• They are used to Create Tension for an
additional effect at the beginning of the
• Delay – The repartition of a sound (Like an
echo) but at a set interval)
• EQ – Equalisation. The adjustment of certain
frequencies within the sound.
Some Questions
• Q2 – What guitar playing technique can be
heard frequently in the Introduction?
• Q5 – Describe how the drums are played in
the verse.
• Q7 – How does verse 3 differ from both verse
1 and 2?
• Q10 – What effect has been applied to the
electric guitar part at the end of the song
which cannot be heard previously in the song?