Why Dubai is a cool city

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Transcript Why Dubai is a cool city

Why Dubai is a Cool City
Yash Rebala
 Did you know that the leader of Dubai, Sheikh
Mohammed has 3million followers on twitter?
AL Maktoum family takes over Dubai in 1833 peacefully
Discovery of oil in 1966 boosts city’s economy to
provide stepping stones for a great city
 They are a monarchy
 They have rulers
 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the leader
of Dubai.
 Family net worth is 4 billion USD.
Palm Jumeriah
 It was first palm island to be built
 It was designed to in increase shore space
The World Islands
 They are islands being made to look like the world
 It will have 300 individual islands when done
Cayan Tower
 It is Uniquely curved
 It is the tallest building 90 degree twist
Burj Al Arab
 It is shaped like a sail
 It is called a 7 star hotel
Burj Khalifa
 It is the tallest building in the world
 It has the world’s highest new year’s fireworks display
The End