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Home Learning Project!
This term, we will be learning about South America in a Geograhy focussed half term. The title of
our topic is “Peru-sing South America!” The topic map and medium term plan for this unit is on our
website if you would like to see in more detail what we will be studying.
As part of your home learning, along with the weekly reading, spellings, literacy and maths homework, you
need to complete a project that involves the topic. This could be a presentation about a particular
geographical location or habitat, a powerpoint presentation about environmental information, or a model of
the rainforest, you could link it to a mathematical coordinate grid- You decide!
The project can be presented in any form that you choose: For example, you
• Create a PowerPoint presentation to describe your learning
• Create instructions so that someone else can make your model
• Write a booklet of information/fact file all about your chosen topic.
The choice is yours based around the topic of Peru-sing South America so be creative!
You can do as much as you like but you must have at least one thing to present. If you have any
questions, please use the ideas above or ask your teacher.
Home learning is due in on Monday 10th October 2016
You will all have a chance to present the work that you have completed at some point that week.
We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!