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Physics 1
The Quantum
Mechanics behind
the movies.
The purpose of this
presentation is to show how
Hollywood movies have
accomplished more than
science in a shorter time
Topics of
The Star Trek Theory
The Bullet Theory
Time Travel
Star Trek Theory
Sherpard is first American in
space in 1961
Sept 8, 1966 1st episode of Star
Trek the Original Series airs
Rodenberry’s anti-matter warp
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Star Trek Teleportation
“Beam me up Scotty”
IBM announces Teleportation in
Bullet Theory
Rip in the spacetime continuum
This rip causes
the bullet to
warp back in the
Time Travel in Movies
H. G. Wells or
Where did it
come from?
Who came up
with it first?
Time Travel
Time Machine
Terminator 1 and Terminator 2
Star Trek First Contact
Time Cop
Back to the Future Parts 1,2,&3
Many more movies and
televisions shows
What This Means
Is this bad science not sharing?
Could it be a fake?
How long will it be till nonHollywood Scientists develop
the same technology
Remember what your
mother told you.
Don’t Believe everything on
Conclusion of Presentation
Matt Foster