The Water- sprinkling Festival of Dai People

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Transcript The Water- sprinkling Festival of Dai People

Module Three
Session 3
Yunnan Nationalities’ Festivals
Lead-in Questions
List the festivals of ethnic groups you know
Which ethnic group share the same festivals?
The categories of the festivals?
Vocabulary / Key words
water- sprinkling, torch, pouch-throwing
 thread-tying, trade fairs, bumper harvest
 wrestling, arrow-shooting, tug-of-war,
 swinging, horse racing, bull-fighting.
lunar month, rattle-stick dance
Basic Facts:
Yunnan is a multinational province, so the
Festivals of the ethnic groups are varied and colorful.
Some minorities have festivals for different purposes.
Some groups share the same festivals.
 Case:
The water- sprinkling festival of Dai people
Torch festival of Yi people
The 3rd month fair of Bai people
The Water- sprinkling Festival of Dai
People (text P186)
In the middle 6th month of Dai calendar, usually
falls in the middle of April
•Origin: ( text P186) the ceremony to clean the Buddha
statues, the new year of Dai calendar (have
finished harvest and house construction, turning
month when the 2nd farming cycle replaces the
singing, dancing, water-splashing to
give good wishes to each other, setting
off fireworks, pouch-throwing, threadtying, dragon boat racing, folk operas,
trade fairs, etc.
Torch Festival of Yi People (P184)
24th in the 6th month in lunar calendar, 3 days.
• Origin:
To use rosin and torches to kill harmful
insects in farmland, to celebrate the bumper
bonfire, torches in hands, singing, dancing, wrestling,
arrow-shooting, tug-of-war, swinging, horse racing, and
The 3rd Month Fair of Bai People (P189)
• Time:
15th of the 3rd lunar month, last for one week
• Origin: the Buddhist fair of God of Mercy
• Activities: horse-racing, products- trading,
rattle-stick dance
Rattle-stick Performance:
List the most famous festivals of ethnic groups
in Yunnan
To study the origin of Water-sprinkling Festival,
Torch Festival and The 3rd Month Fair